Washington Democratic State Rep. Cindy Ryu is a big proponent of water safety. That’s why she’s sponsoring HB1707, “An act relating to requiring the wearing of personal flotation devices on kayaks, canoes, and stand-up paddleboards.”

Preventing drowning seems like a pretty noble cause, so even if the legislation would make for a silly law, at least Ryu’s intentions are good, right?

Wellllllll the jury’s definitely out on that:

Native Americans don’t need life jackets because they’ve spent eons in the waters, so they’re practically fish themselves!


In the committee hearing, Ryu also notes that while Native Americans know how to swim, there are other large swaths of racial groups that do not have access to the water.

“I thought that was a great mechanism to allow the tribal members that do have a lot more access to the waters and traditional training and activity, unlike many of the other diverse communities that don’t,  like Korean Americans,” Ryu said. “The only time I go out on the water nowadays anyway is when my non-Korean American son-in-law takes me out on the water. And so I thought that was a good way of carving out very narrow exemptions.”

Ryu does not go out into the water, thus, neither do other Korean Americans. It’s unclear when Ryu became the spokesperson for the Korean American community.

If Ryu is the spokesperson for the Korean American community, they should probably try to find a new one.

Watch (starts around the 3:40 mark):


We’re legit uncomfortable watching this lady. Like, some people out there actually elected her.


It’s only how it works if you’re a racist. Which Cindy Ryu apparently is.

Well, she’s not a Republican, so she might still get away with it.

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