Did you hear the news? Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai, who went missing for a while after accusing a ChiCom official of rape, has resurfaced at the Olympics, and apparently she’s doing great and having a wonderful time.

She even had dinner with IOC President Thomas Bach:

Well, not only is Peng Shuai doing great and having a great time, but she’s also realized that the whole rape-accusation thing? Just an “enormous misunderstanding”:

More from the AP:

“Sexual assault? I never said that anyone made me submit to a sexual assault,” the newspaper quoted her as saying.

“This post resulted in an enormous misunderstanding from the outside world,” she also said. “My wish is that the meaning of this post no longer be skewed.”

Asked by L’Equipe why the post disappeared from Peng’s account, she said: “I erased it.”

“Why? Because I wanted to,” she added.

So Peng Shuai is doing great and having a wonderful time. Just ask her! Her translators will tell you!

Who, exactly, got to her?

Was it this guy? The guy in the mirror?

Nothing sinister about this. Nope. No sirree.

Looks like there are at least two people in there with her. This explains one of them, at least:

Ah. A “translator.” Sure. The other one’s probably a translator, too. You know what they say: you can never have too many translators! They’re just there to make sure she’s doing great and having a wonderful time.

Nothing to see here, world. Move along.

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