A handful of jackasses took to the streets in Orlando yesterday to flex some neo-Nazi muscle:

Sickening displays, to be sure. But is it possible that the response from the Left is overblown?


Why is anyone coupling “Let’s Go Brandon” with antisemitism? “Let’s Go Brandon” has been around for a while now and literally has nothing to do with Jews or antisemitism. Why suddenly start associating it with neo-Nazi doofuses? Particularly because these neo-Nazi doofuses didn’t exactly make up a massive crowd.

It was technically a few more than half a dozen random Nazi weirdos, but yes. That’s basically what happened.

It’s basically what happens every time there’s a “white supremacist rally” that turns out to be a small troupe of random Nazi weirdos. Media and liberals make a huge deal out of it in order to smear a much larger group of people whose political views have nothing to do with white supremacy, and the big rally regularly turns out to be a big bust.

But when Democrats keep naming white supremacy as the biggest domestic terrorist threat, what else can you expect from the media?

To be clear, we are not defending the behavior of the thugs in the video. Because it’s indefensible, especially when it gets violent. But it’s telling that the media and Left only seem to be able to muster outrage over a handful of right-wing nutjobs as opposed to widespread mobs of violent left-wingers.

Narratives are funny that way.

They should be charged for it. Everyone with a “Let’s Go Brandon” bumper sticker should not be.

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