With Stephen Breyer’s Supreme Court seat officially in play, Joe Biden has an important job to do. Nominating someone to replace Breyer is a daunting task, especially if you’ve decided to make your selection based on race and sex.

Biden’s taking some heat for that, but for what it’s worth, Bill Kristol thinks Biden’s critics are missing some important perspective.

Like, what about Donald Trump?

Narrator: Bill Kristol is not saying it as someone who would prefer no prior public limitation by race or gender of the field of possible Court nominees; Bill Kristol is saying it as a reflexively anti-Trump Biden sycophant who will literally make any argument — even if it means contradicting himself — in order to defend Joe Biden and the Biden administration.

First of all:

Don’t hold your breath waiting for Bill to acknowledge that.

Also, ranting about the Federalist Society seems a little, well … insane.

We don’t blame you for asking, Varad.

Tinfoil hats are never a good look, but Bill Kristol insists on sporting one every chance he gets.

And in Bill’s case, the hat’s actually bad for his health, because it’s cutting off circulation to the part of his brain that remembers who he used to be:

And now, homeboy works at the effing Bulwark.

Shut up, Bill.

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