Last week, former Bernie Sanders presidential campaign co-chair Nina Turner told Joe Biden to “GAS. UP. THE. JET.” and fly to Arizona and West Virginia to lecture voters on why Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin’s support for the Senate filibuster is basically racist and evil.

Well, if Joe Biden is going to gas up the jet, he’s likely only going to fly it to Delaware.

But Nina’s not ready to give up on Joe just yet. On CNN this morning, she once again called upon Biden to “gas up the jet,” but this time, she also suggested that he “take it to the streets”:

She’s special, isn’t she?

(Oh! Did we forget to mention that she’s a former Ohio state senator who lost her U.S. House primary race last year?)

Guess Nina didn’t gas up her jet.

It does sound pretty insurrection-y … not to mention completely unhinged.

Who? Nina Turner? Or CNN?

You’re doing great, CNN!

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