Good news, everyone! With maximum determination and minimum oxygen, we can prevent the spread of COVID! At least among kids.

NBC’s “TODAY Show” explains how:

So. If kids can’t wear N95 or K95 masks (and unless they have abnormally large faces, they really can’t), that means they can still kind of breathe. And we can’t have that! Good to know that putting a snug cloth mask over a surgical mask is a pretty good alternative to the high-end stuff if you’re still trying to make your kid miserable.

And if your kid’s not OK with that, either, be sure to let them know that wearing just a surgical mask is better than nothing, but it’s the least best option and therefore your kid needs to be aware that they could potentially infect and kill someone.

This is all very healthy and normal and healthy.

Well, something’s gotta give!

We’re honestly surprised they haven’t suggested that yet.

This isn’t “for the children.” It never was.