Apparently Packers QB Aaron Rodgers likes to read. Nothing inherently wrong with that, of course. Unless, that is, the books he enjoys happen to be problematic.

And when we say problematic, we’re talking about Ayn Rand.

See, Ayn Rand didn’t like being told by the government what to do. And Aaron Rodgers doesn’t like being told by the government what to do.

And to Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Marcus Hayes, that is indeed problematic:

“Explains everything.”

It really is.

Imagine being triggered by Aaron Rodgers’ copy of “Atlas Shrugged.” You’d think it was a copy of “Mein Kampf” or something.

And Marcus isn’t the only one out there who’s been hurt by Rodgers’ choice of books:

Yeah, because you have to be a real idiot to read and understand “Atlas Shrugged.”

“Very troubling to most people.”

Yes, here we are. And it’s such a stupid, stupid place to be.

Clearly Marcus et al. are not OK. He may seriously want to seek some professional help here, because no one in their right mind would get upset about “Atlas Shrugged” and then broadcast it to all of Twitter.

Heh. Better not drive by Marcus’ house. He might just pass out.