It’s been nothing if not fascinating to watch Liz Cheney make her way into the Left’s good graces and hearts.

Gone are the days of her being a careless shotgun-totin’ right-wing warmonger’s daughter. She found her niche in the Resistance and it’s looking like she’ll stay there for as long as they’ll have her.

And Mother Jones is more than happy to have her. At least for the rest of this year:

Liz Cheney, hero to Mother Jones. What a time to be alive, huh?

If that’s all it takes to be Mother Jones’ hero, we can think of plenty of mean things to say. Like we can talk about how much Joe Biden sucks as a person and a president and how much Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sucks as a person and a U.S. Representative and how much the Democratic party just plain sucks. Can we be your heroes now, too, Mother Jones? Pretty please?

It seems like the bar is pretty low already.

And speaking of low bars …

That’s a fair question. But for what it’s worth, we checked out the article, and it wasn’t actually written by someone from the Lincoln Project. Those guys are way too busy and important working on other very busy and important things like this:

Nice one, Rick. Maybe Mother Jones can do a piece on that next! Seems like the sort of thing they’d gush and fawn over. Especially if questionable judgment is a common factor. Obviously the Lincoln Project has shown a great deal of questionable judgment. And Mother Jones clearly has questionable judgment if they’re trying to get in on the Liz Cheney love fest.

They’d be a match made in heaven!

But we digress. This post is about pointing out how ridiculous Mother Jones is.

Well, that’s on you, dear. We could’ve told you a long time ago that that was a dumb thing to do. Democracy Now! and Mother Jones are basically progressive money pits. You can sink in as much as you like, but they’ll ultimately be worthless.

Though we must admit that we are quite enjoying Mother Jones taking a beating from the Left for throwing their lot in with Liz Cheney.

“Neoliberal hacks.”

Just hook it to our veins.

Well, we’re not old enough to remember that. Sorry.

But hopefully Liz Cheney will at least get some enjoyment out of being Mother Jones’ Flava of the Month. Or Flava of the Year. Whatever.

Maybe you should rethink a whole bunch of things.