Maybe we should shut down D.C. Public Schools until we can figure out what the hell is going on.

It seems that Watkins Elementary School takes a more hands-on approach to Holocaust education.

More from FOX 5, who spoke to the mother of one of the students:

FOX 5 spoke to the mother of a student in the class, who requested anonymity to protect her child.

She said her child was still struggling emotionally after being told to pretend to choke and die in a gas chamber and watching students simulate digging their own graves.

“They are traumatized. One parent said that their child was worried the teacher in question was hiding at their house. Children are having nightmares and generally having a very hard time,” she said.

She said the child who was told to play Hitler is “not doing well at all.”

The mother said the librarian who gave the lesson instructed the students not to tell their parents. She said the kids told their homeroom teacher who reported the incident and helped them through the rest of the school day.

Oh. Well. An apology. That’s nice.

FOX 5 also reports that the librarian is “on leave.” So parents can just relax.

Holocaust education = good. Having kids re-enact the Holocaust = bad.

We figured that went without saying, but it seems we were wrong.

It literally is.

Holy hell.

We sadly wouldn’t be shocked at all if this is what winds up happening.

No doubt Merrick Garland’s keeping his eyes on those parents.