We tried for a little bit to come up with a clever way to preface the thread you’re about to read, but sometimes, snark isn’t the appropriate approach.

This merits full-blown outrage. So read it and be outraged:

As that mother pointed out, these teachers’ behavior had potentially deadly consequences. In her daughter’s case, documentation of a life-threatening allergy to bees didn’t make it into the documents for her “new” identity.

“Appalling” is an understatement.

Have you punched any walls yet? Keep reading:

Insanity. Just utter insanity.

Good for all those parents. Imagine how many more parents would be at meetings like this if they knew the full extent of what was being done to their children.

How ironic that the parents are being framed as abusers when it’s activist teachers who are committing such heinous acts of emotional abuse.

You can hear the mix of sadness and anger in that father’s voice. It’s absolutely heartbreaking. Our hearts break for all the parents who have stories like this.

This shouldn’t be happening to children. This sure as hell shouldn’t be happening in schools.

But it is happening. And it needs to stop.

Is Merrick Garland going to sic the FBI on these parents, too?