Have you noticed food prices climbing during the course of the year? Been paying a lot more than you used to for things like meat?

Well, Jen Psaki has a very simple explanation for that (SPOILER: it does not involve taking any responsibility on behalf of the Biden administration):

So does this mean we are officially done being thrilled at saving $0.16 on July 4 barbecue accoutrements?

All roads lead to Big Meat.

Who’s going to lead the charge?

Maybe Joe Biden could appoint Jeffrey Toobin Meat Czar. We can all watch him beat that meat.

Also one the most shamelessly gaslight-y to date.

We’re having a lot of trouble digesting what Jen Psaki is trying to feed us.

They were just biding their time, waiting for Joe Biden to become president so they could pull the trigger on their master plan and make him look bad.

Maybe Joy Reid can Obama the detectives who are looking into her getting hacked and we can finally get some answers!

Or just balls of really, really solidly packed meat.

We don’t know what else we expected.