Jen Psaki has a whole swarm of bees in her bonnet … and Fox News’ Peter Doocy put them there.

One of those bees is Afghanistan, and it stung Psaki particularly hard today:

It’s no shock that Jen Psaki would lie about something like this. She lies about everything.

But her response to Doocy’s questions was particularly appalling because of her desperate, smug, snotty swipe at Fox News:

Reading her words is bad enough. But actually hearing her say them is … wow:

If it weren’t for outlets like Fox News, the Afghanistan disaster would’ve been all but forgotten. And Psaki knows it, too.

That’s why she’s so pissed off: reporters like Peter Doocy refuse to whitewash the bloody stain left by the Biden administration’s terrible and deadly policy decisions.

What she’s saying is that there’s no bottom to the Biden administration’s barrel.

And the usual suspects applaud her for it.

Another angle to consider:

Embarrassing. Infuriating.


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