We’d like to think that Fox News’ competitors could put their animosity aside for long enough to unequivocally condemn the actions of the arsonist who set Fox News’ Christmas tree on fire.

We’d like to think that. But we’re not that naïve.

So color us annoyed and disgusted but not shocked at CNN anchor Brianna Keilar’s take on the fire this morning:

Why is it so difficult to just say that arson is bad and wrong, even if the injured party is someone you disagree with?

What would hacks like Brianna Keilar do if the Capitol riots hadn’t happened? How would they suggest that Fox News was maybe just getting a taste of their own medicine? We’re genuinely curious, though we have faith that they’d find a way.

Clocking in faithfully at the CNN circus.

Well, we’re not their biggest fans, either.