Some GOP representatives held a press conference today to introduce the Crucial Communism Teaching Act, a bill that “will build a school curriculum to teach our future generations the true meaning of communism, so the future generations will understand and learn what this tragic reality looks like.”

Here is Florida Rep. Maria Salazar, whose own family escaped communism under Fidel Castro:

Here’s Iowa Rep. Marianette Miller-Meeks:

And Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw, who called out the proud socialist Democrats who live and breathe by the Marxist playbook:

The DSA-supported Squad, for example, has made no secrets of their support for socialist and communist policies and regimes.

Socialism isn’t dead; it’s very much alive. And it’s insidiously harmful, whether or not you care to admit it.

Even if it’s inconvenient.

Here are Crenshaw’s full remarks: