We diagnosed Dr. Anthony Fauci as a garbage person a while ago, but for some reason, he just seems determined to remind us.

In case you missed it, last week, Fauci was spotted indoors at a book party for reporter Jonathan Karl — sans mask, of course:

This past Sunday, he told “Face the Nation’s” Margaret Brennan that we still don’t really know where COVID19 came from, but it most likely wasn’t a lab because … well, it just wasn’t, OK?

It’s nice that Anthony Fauci’s working so hard to keep that theory alive.

Speaking of promiscuous, how many people has Anthony Fauci screwed already with his dumb pronouncements? How many people is he still trying to screw?

Anything that could point away from him.

Did we already mention that Anthony Fauci is a garbage person? Because he’s a garbage person.