Democratic New York State Assemblyman Pat Burke believes very strongly in the COVID19 vaccine. And if you happen to be more of a skeptic, well, that’s totally fine, but you should know that you don’t deserve medical insurance coverage for any COVID19-related treatments:

“Do your part or pay your own way. Freedom isn’t free.” We can only assume that Burke was going for forcefully inspirational or something.

For the record, Pat, it didn’t work.

Burke’s boast isn’t going over nearly as well as he apparently thought it would.

How awkward for you, Pat.

Even more awkward because you’re even pissing off some lefties:


We’d love to see the poll numbers on Burke’s proposal.

Pat Burke definitely won’t like it if he ever gets sick with an illness that could’ve been mitigated or prevented by him making better health decisions.

Let’s have a look at that bloodwork.



Guys, he wasn’t even finished:

Forget it; he’s rolling.

Don’t stop now, Pat! Keep this train going!

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