Democratic socialist Rep. Rashida Tlaib wants to let all the inmates out of all the federal prisons … or does she?

She does. She just doesn’t want the wrong people — i.e. regular Americans — to find out.

Unfortunately for her, Axios’ Jonathan Swan doesn’t seem to care much about what Tlaib wants or doesn’t want. At least when it comes to this particular issue:

Uh-oh, Rashida.

You really should. It’s genuinely encouraging to see Swan persist in holding Tlaib accountable for what she’s said even as she attempts repeatedly to tap-dance her way out of her own mouth.

Kudos to Swan, truly.

Everyone needs to understand what makes Rashida Tlaib tick. And it’s not honesty or intelligence.

People did vote for this. That’s the worst part.

You own this one, Democrats. Enjoy her.

How convenient! Chanukah’s just around the corner, you know.

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