Because MSNBC hasn’t already covered themselves in glory enough for one day over the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, here’s another gem:

And you have this fear in part because of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial?

Maybe if we read it, it’ll make more sense:

Meanwhile, in Kyle Rittenhouse’s murder trial in Kenosha, Wisconsin, controversial statements and actions by Judge Bruce Schroeder have led critics like Grant to argue that Black defendants with similar lists of charges would never receive such accommodations. Rittenhouse, who was 17 at the time of the shooting in August 2020, was charged with possession of a firearm among seven total charges. Schroeder dropped the charge of possession of a dangerous weapon by a person under 18 this week.

“I think about all the Black men who I grew up with who were charged with possession of a firearm who have been in the prison system for years,” Grant said. “This is dangerous, because it sends a very specific and deliberate message. The psychologist in me says I get why we are where we are: the lies of white supremacy. They have been so embedded into our space that we can’t escape it. Realizing this creates stress in us.”

“There is a similarity between these two cases that is rooted in our country’s history, to the detriment of Black people,” [Atlanta civil rights lawyer Mario] Williams said. “Arbery’s trial represents what Black people have become accustomed to: a white male guided by prejudice and racism to such a degree that he senselessly takes the life of an innocent young Black man.

“Rittenhouse’s situation, although nuanced, represents exactly what impedes our country from going forward: a white male acting on prejudice and racist impulses, becoming so angry that he was willing to shoot and kill other whites who support equality and the dignity and humanity of Black people,” he said. “We’ve seen this before, too, whites killing other whites to continue subjecting Blacks to inhuman treatment: the Civil War. Whites killing other whites who stood beside Blacks for greater equality and empowerment: the civil rights movement.”

Nope. Still makes no sense.

The Ahmaud Arbery trial is quite clearly about racism. Because unfortunately, racism persists in this country and racially motivated crimes do happen.

But how can anyone seriously contend that the Kyle Rittenhouse trial is ultimately about racism? Tying everything to racism only cheapens actual racism.

And besides: