Because the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and collapsing economy are pretty much dominating the news cycle these days, you may have forgotten all about Texas.

No, we’re not talking about COVID19, although the Lincoln Project is very concerned about that. We’re talking about abortions, and how they’re more difficult to get in Texas these days.

Or, rather, The Nation is talking about that. Framed in terms of abortion being a cure for the illness that is pregnancy:

Thank you for this story, The Nation. If you hadn’t published it, we might not get the most accurate sense of how incredibly, mind-numbingly ridiculous you guys are.

Apparently that’s how The Nation thinks it’s supposed to work.

Seriously, what a garbage take.

Especially the kind of baby who hasn’t been born yet.

We feel like unborn babies have it relatively good in Texas. Moms, too.

Just to be safe, though:

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