Siraj Hashmi is a pretty popular guy ’round these parts. And understandably so. Dude’s hilarious, and with his signature List, he gets sh*t done.

Daily Beast columnist Wajahat Ali is decidedly less popular ’round these parts. And understandably so. Dude’s a petty, vindictive douchebag who lately has been disturbingly obsessed not just with Hashmi, but also with Hashmi’s wife Emily Newman. Ali seems to have picked up this week where he left off last week, trying desperately to drag Newman into his demented beef with Hashmi.

Here’s what most recently got Ali all fired up:

Wajahat Ali decided that this was the most appropriate response to earning the top spot on Siraj Hashmi’s List:




So basically, Wajahat Ali is insane and basically deserves a permanent primo position on Siraj Hashmi’s List, is what Wajahat Ali is saying.

There’s really no other way for us to interpret Ali’s tweets.

Ali’s got nothing to be proud of.

Forget wine; Ali’s chugging Everclear.

Excellent point. Almost as if Ali’s projecting all of his own moral failings onto Hashmi. And because Ali’s a bottomless barrel of moral failings, he’s going to keep doing this.

Well, Ali’s already wallowing in sh*t.

He should probably be on a few medical professionals’ lists, too, if we’re being honest.

We mean this sincerely: Wajahat Ali is decidedly not OK.

It’s gone.

Maybe Ali’s daughter can help him come to his senses.



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