Gawd, why does Donald Trump continue to insist on inserting himself into everything? Doesn’t he know that the media don’t care about him anymore? Doesn’t he care that they’ve moved on to other more pressing issues?

Take CNN, for example. They’re over Trump. Completely over him. Like, so over him.

So don’t you dare for even a second suggest that CNN is incapable of not talking about Donald Trump. Not for even a second:

Only a serious news journalist like Jake Tapper could be trusted with a project like “Trumping Democracy: An American Coup.” Make no mistake, though: CNN is over Donald Trump. They’re just doing this for their viewers, who aren’t as mature as CNN journalists and therefore need to keep Donald Trump front and center in their minds.

We’re being facetious, of course. CNN couldn’t quit Donald Trump if their life depended on it.

Actually, maybe that’s why they won’t quit Donald Trump; their life depends on him. Without him, they have nothing to talk about. No reason whatsoever for viewers to tune in. And judging by their ratings, they need every viewer they can get.

They’re always jonesing for another fix.

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