If things in Virginia keep going the way they have been, Glenn Youngkin appears to be on track to defeat Terry McAuliffe quite decisively in next week’s Virginia gubernatorial election.

Unless, of course, Glenn Youngkin gets hit with a last-minute scandal that’s so heinous, so incredibly beyond what is good and decent.

This might fit the bill:

Screenshotted just because:

Christina “Can We Try to Kill This” Freundlich is appalled at such a brazen display of white supremacy:

And Terry McAuliffe’s comms gal Jen Goodman can’t even believe what she’s seeing right now:

For shame, Glenn Youngkin. For shame.

Do we detect a soupçon of sarcasm?

Rude, Team McAuliffe. Rude.

Excellent point.

Like, come on, guys.

Apparently not enough to get five whole white dudes.

Maybe the man identifies as white.

And maybe the woman identifies as male.

You don’t know!

Diversity is the Democrats’ strength, right?


We really have come full circle, haven’t we?


We’ve seen some crazy Dem stunts, but this might be our favorite so far.

As desperate as they need to be.


Emphasis on “pale.”

So … it’s on-brand for McAuliffe.

But we’re in a sporting mood today, so we’re willing to play ball with McAuliffe’s campaign:

Fair is fair. Practice what you preach, Team Terry.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional text and a screenshot.