Did you hear that Facebook changed it’s hate speech policy to ban the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” in posts?

Well, guess what: Facebook did no such thing!

And we’re tremendously grateful to the AP for seeking out the truth about this very important issue:

From the AP’s fact check:

CLAIM: Facebook has changed its hate speech policy to include posts that use the phrase “Let’s go Brandon.”

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. A tweet alleging that Facebook changed its policy on hate speech to prohibit the phrase “Let’s go Brandon” was meant to be satirical, the post’s author told The Associated Press. A Facebook spokesperson also confirmed to the AP that the company has not changed its policy to ban the slogan, which is popular among critics of President Joe Biden.

THE FACTS: A tweet shared Wednesday by conservative commentator Jeff Charles jokingly alleged that the social media company had amended its hate speech policy to ban accounts from using the phrase “Let’s go Brandon,” a meme created by opponents of Biden.

Charles told the AP that his post was satirical. His Twitter bio also states: “I spit hot satire.” However, many social media users spread the incorrect claim seemingly believing it was true. Numerous users condemned the supposed action by Facebook, arguing it infringed upon freedom of speech.

Wait … so Jeff Charles’ Twitter bio says he does “hot satire.” And Jeff Charles explicitly told the AP that his tweet was satirical.

And the AP still thought Charles’ tweet merited a fact check and a published article about said fact check?

You’re officially in the big leagues, Jeff!

And the AP is officially circling the drain.

What an intriguing thought.

Please do.

They can start with these:

Ought to keep them busy for a while.