The Taliban may enjoy beheading artists and raping women for sport, but that doesn’t mean they can’t bring a little something to the diplomatic table:

Well, this sounds promising! More from Reuters:

WASHINGTON, Oct 10 (Reuters) – The United States said on Sunday the first face-to-face meeting between senior U.S. and Taliban officials since the hardline group retook power in Afghanistan was “candid and professional” and that the U.S. side reiterated that the Taliban would be judged on their actions, not just their words.

State Department spokesman Ned Price said the U.S. delegation at the weekend talks in Doha, Qatar, focused on security and terrorism concerns and safe passage for U.S. citizens, other foreign nationals and Afghans, as well as on human rights, including the meaningful participation of women and girls in all aspects of Afghan society.

He said the two sides also discussed “the United States’ provision of robust humanitarian assistance, directly to the Afghan people.”

“The discussions were candid and professional with the U.S. delegation reiterating that the Taliban will be judged on its actions, not only its words,” Price said in a statement.

Good to see the U.S. State Department holding the Taliban accountable for their actions. By watching them very, very closely.

No doubt that the Taliban are going to behave themselves. Otherwise, they probably risk disappointing the Biden administration. And in that case, they could be facing a strongly worded letter or something.

We’re winning, of course! What does it look like we’re doing?

Good thing the adults are back in charge, huh?