Recently, “Young Turks” host and executive producer Ana Kasparian debated Ben Shapiro. It should go without saying that the two of them are, politically speaking, oil and water.

But somehow, they managed to be grownups about it and engage in lively but civil discussions.

And now, as a result, Kasparian’s fans are apparently not happy with her. In fact, they’re quite pissed.

Kasparian has some things to say to those people who think she’s some kind of traitor for even speaking to Shapiro:

That goes for both sides, it’s worth noting. Echo chambers can make you feel good, but you’re never going to change anyone’s mind unless you’re willing to leave your echo chamber.

We, like Shapiro, don’t share an ideological common ground with Kasparian. But we can certainly appreciate when someone is willing to step outside of their comfort zone and venture into the lion’s den. Shapiro has done it many times, and it’s refreshing to see a progressive do it, too.