Yesterday, progressive political commentator and talk show host Kyle Kulinski explained that Kyrsten Sinema’s skirt was too short, and that’s why she got followed into an ASU bathroom and filmed without her consent:

We screenshotted that tweet, but it appears that wasn’t necessary, as Kulinski is clearly not ashamed of it. In fact, he’s so not-ashamed of it, he’s doubling down today:

Can’t be allowed to go to the bathroom without being harassed and filmed as long as there are still people who have problems! Kyrsten Sinema really should’ve known better.

Remember, ladies. Kyle Kulinski is watching you. Even in the bathroom. Especially in the bathroom.

Maybe the worst part of all this is that Kyle thinks there’s absolutely nothing wrong with what he’s advocating for.

Kyle Kulinski’s thing is being a predatory creep, evidently.