As we told you yesterday, pro-illegal-immigration activists decided that it wasn’t enough to follow Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema into a bathroom and film her; they had to follow her onto an airplane, too.

Karina doesn’t deserve an answer, because she elected to harass Kyrsten Sinema on a flight instead of displaying a modicum of basic civility.

But Guardian and Jacobin Magazine journalist David Sirota not only thinks that Karina deserves an answer; he thinks Sen. Sinema is actually a hypocrite for not wishing to indulge Karina’s rudeness:

What David here doesn’t seem to realize is that his evidence of Kyrsten Sinema’s hypocrisy is not actually evidence of Kyrsten Sinema’s hypocrisy.

Fact-check: true.

Not legally, anyway.

It seems to us that Kyrsten Sinema is still as concerned as ever about what her constituents need.