Hey look, everybody. CNN employees have some thoughts about the unchecked spread of fake news:

The irony of CNN hosts raising concerns about misinformation is not lost on us. Misinformation and deception is CNN’s bread and butter. And that goes double for Don Lemon, who, fashionable as he may be in his snazzy periwinkle sweater, consistently vomits up BS on a nightly basis.

Earlier in his interview with John Berman and Brianna Keilar, here’s what Lemon had to say about violence and riots:

People weren’t just breaking into shoe stores last summer, Don. They were setting fires. Destroying businesses. Beating up innocents. There is no comparison between last summer’s riots and January 6 … because last summer’s riots were far more costly and deadlier.

Yes. It should.

Let’s be clear: we absolutely do not condone the Capitol rioters. Their actions were genuinely deplorable. But arguing that they posed a greater threat to Americans or democracy than the people who spent a months straight-up threatening Americans and democracy is intellectually dishonest, not to mention morally bankrupt. Contra Don Lemon, insurance can’t replace what innocent civilians lost last year at the hands of violent rioters.