Former GOP congressman and failed presidential candidate Joe Walsh was once willing to grab his musket if Donald Trump lost the 2016 election. When Donald Trump won and he realized that there’s always money in the Resistance grifter stand, Joe decided to do a 180.

Business must be pretty good, because even with Trump out of office, Walsh is still camped out firmly on the anti-GOP, pro-Democrat side.

Here are Joe’s thoughts on the Democratic infighting over the Joe Biden’s $3.5 trillion spending bill:

No offense, Joe, but any guy willing to take up arms if their preferred candidate loses is neither normal nor healthy. He’s certainly not qualified to judge what is normal and healthy.

It’s worth remembering because it’s so stupid, and it’s always worth remembering that Joe Walsh says stupid things.

Literally nothing. But Joe Walsh’s grasp on politics is as tenuous as his grasp on reality.

Derpy is as Joe Walsh does.