As a member of America’s elderly population, it makes sense that President Joe Biden would get a COVID19 booster shot. We’re certainly not going to stand in his way.


What makes decidedly less sense is the stuff that comes out of his mouth.

That’s, like, 16.75 trillion squillion trillion.

It gets better, though. By which we mean it gets worse:

A 97% or 98% vaccination rate? He thinks we’ll get close? That’s what we need to shoot for in order to get back to normal?

Is there a 97% or 98% vaccination rate for anything?

Like Joe Biden, we also know that one thing is for certain: he is not a scientist. He’s doesn’t even play one on TV.

So when he tells us that we need to follow the science, which “science” is he actually following?

The only thing he’s convincing us of is that he’s even more out of his depth than we could’ve imagined.

It was 70% by July 4, 2021.

It does work. That’s why Joe Biden got it. That’s why a lot of people got it. But he’s effectively treating the vaccine as if it’s nothing more than saline solution, at least when he’s addressing the country. It’s almost as if this isn’t actually about slowing the spread and helping people, but rather about manipulation and control.

Getting the pro-vaccine message out there is crucial. And the Biden administration is making all the wrong moves. Moving the goalposts on vaccination rates to unrealistic lengths. Insisting that people who have been vaccinated wear masks when the vaccine is the best precautionary measure they can take against COVID19. Suggesting that we can’t get back to normal until everyone is fully vaccinated while simultaneously changing the definition of “fully vaccinated.”

They’re only discouraging the vaccine hesitant from getting vaccinated and pissing off the people who have taken the steps they were told would bring us back to normal. It’s the Biden administration who’s putting lives in danger.