It’s not enough that Joe Biden’s administration is basically letting the Taliban call all the shots in Afghanistan. Now it looks like they want to do the same thing with other Islamist terrorists and supporters:

More from the Washington Free Beacon:

The administration wants to waive portions of the bipartisan Caesar Act, which applied wide-ranging sanctions on Assad for his war crimes in Syria, to facilitate an energy deal with Arab nations that would provide the Assad regime with a financial and political lifeline.

Brett McGurk, the White House coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa who was caught having an extramarital affair with a reporter in 2008 while serving as the Obama administration’s ambassadorial nominee to Iraq, is pressing Egypt to sell gas to Lebanon via a pipeline that runs through Syria, congressional sources told the Washington Free Beacon. The Biden administration would have to waive key sanctions on Assad in order for the deal to go through.

As Biden and Democrats in Congress signal a willingness to back sanctions relief, Republican foreign policy leaders say removing sanctions on Assad will embolden his Iranian backers as well as Hezbollah. Indeed, Hezbollah itself sees the deal as a victory in its fight against U.S. sanctions and efforts to expand the Islamic Republic’s influence across the Middle East, saying it will loosen restrictions on all three countries involved: Syria, Iran, and Lebanon.

“Why in the world would the Biden administration lift sanctions on one of the most brutal human rights abusers in the world—the Assad regime?” Joe Wilson, a House Foreign Affairs Committee member and chair of the Republican Study Committee’s National Security and Foreign Affairs Task Force, told the Free Beacon.

Why in the world would the Biden administration do such a thing? Because they are clearly determined to screw over as many people as possible in as many countries as possible. Or, if they genuinely don’t understand why they shouldn’t play nice with Assad, Iran, and Hezbollah, they’re dangerously naïve.

Neither explanation bodes well for the U.S. or for any country facing threats from terrorists.

Priorities, baby.

The best priorities.

It’s almost impressive, really.

He may as well.