Looks like Joe Biden can exhale now.

After spending a couple of weeks going pretty hard at POTUS over Afghanistan, CNN has apparently come to their senses and returned to focusing like lasers on stories of national and global importance. Like where Melania Trump is:

Thank goodness CNN is on the “Where’s Melania?” beat. Someone’s got to be on the lookout for body doubles and whatnot.

They’re absolutely parched.

To be fair, there have been some rather conspicuous absences out there … CNN’s just choosing to ignore those.

We feel like a former First Lady keeping a low profile is a lot less newsworthy than our current leaders keeping a low profile, but maybe that’s just us. We’re not journalists, after all. What the hell do we know?

CNN says it’s their “job to #GoThere & tell the most difficult stories.” Which is a nice way of saying it’s their job to bury the most difficult stories.

But CNN is Real News™, Mr. President.