As Texas takes steps to make abortions harder to come by, @AngryBlackLady Imani Gandy, senior law and policy editor at Rewire News Group — “inspiring you to own your relationship to sex, abortion, parenthood, and power” — has a gentle reminder:

But we digress.

A lot of people do know better. People like Lisa the Vaccination Slut, who is very sorry for having slipped up and used non-inclusive language instead of the socially acceptable term, “pregnant person”:

Lisa, you ignorant vaccination slut! Shame on you.

Obviously we should be more considerate of the feelings of parents who refer to their children as “vagina owners.”

We’re being facetious, of course. “Vagina owners” is exactly the kind of dehumanizing language that people like Imani Gandy claim to be against. And “pregnant person” is actually anti-woman. It’s misogynistic. It’s literally anti-science.

The answer is no liberal freakout. So thank you, Imani Gandy, for delivering on your end of the bargain.