We’re not here to tell other people how to parent their children, but we can’t help but feel like New York Times columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin is doing it wrong:

In other words, the doctor and nurses were following the science and understand how vaccines work. And that’s just dumbfounding to Sorkin.

What makes this extra crazy is that there are actually people out there who think Sorkin is the smart one in this scenario.

Stunning and brave!

We, too, are exhausted by humans’ limited capacity at sound decision making.

It is. And Sorkin’s doubling down on the insanity:

Again, we can’t even be sure that Sorkin’s account is true.


Assuming Sorkin’s story is true and he’s not just making it up to make himself look brilliant and special, anyone who believes that it’s a better look to risk your child’s health than to believe in a demonstrably effective vaccine is clearly not firing on all cylinders.

The Follow The Science™ Crowd is basically ready to start putting unvaccinated people into camps for not Following The Science™. But these same geniuses are simultaneously insisting that the vaccine isn’t effective. The cognitive dissonance is just staggering.

Being anti-science to own science.