Joe Biden got trotted out today to put a pretty rose-colored bow on the latest dismal jobs report. And to pretend that the Delta variant of COVID19, and not his terrible economic policies, is to blame for any bad news.

Apparently we’re not only supposed to take Joe Biden at his word that none of this is his fault, but we’re actually supposed to be grateful that he’s the one in charge:

Yes, imagine!

This is the best that Joe Biden has to offer right now: “I’m not Donald Trump.”

Well, that’s true, Joe. You most definitely are not Donald Trump.

We wouldn’t if we were Joe. For all of Donald Trump’s faults — and there were many — the economy was humming along pretty nicely for a while there. Gas was relatively affordable and inflation wasn’t preventing people from buying things they needed. We hadn’t abandoned Americans and Afghan allies and called that a success. We hadn’t alienated our closest allies in the world. We were actually doing pretty well before Joe Biden showed up to save America.

But then, Joe Biden’s no leader. Imagine if he were.


We certainly can’t fathom that they could possibly be worse. Though we’re sure that Joe Biden will show us how soon enough.