Because there are people out there who believe in putting their own partisan politics above all else, we’ve got defenses like this of the Biden administration’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal:

Apparently the people who insist on arguing this point don’t care that it’s utter BS.

It’s not a clever rebuttal. It’s certainly not an intellectually honest one.

Joe Biden’s State Department has done an absolutely horrendous job of being honest and upfront with Americans in Afghanistan. Consider these two recent travel advisories from the State Department. Independent conservative blogger Jeryl Bier did and is still scratching his head:

Afghanistan and Switzerland are both at “Level 4”? What?

What the hell kind of criteria are the State Department using to determine that COVID19 is relatively similar to kidnapping and terrorism in terms of danger?

We’d bet good money that the State Department can’t even decipher it.

There ought to be some tweaking to the State Department, too. As in a complete overhaul.