Yesterday, the Lincoln Project’s Keith Edwards decided to put the Kabul terrorist attack in perspective, pointing out that 901 people died of COVID19 in Florida in a single day this week, and 901 is a lot more people than were killed in Kabul.

Aside from being straight-up offensive, Edwards’ tweet was based on bad information. 901 people did not, in fact, die of COVID19 in Florida on Tuesday.

So where did that “901” number come from? Well, here’s the South Florida Sun Sentinel:

And here’s the Miami Herald:

Some people will defend it … like Devoun Cetoute, the guy who wrote the piece:

Great. But how many people don’t bother reading past the headline? The headline that says there were 901 deaths in a single day?

The HEADLINE is the first thing that people see. And it’s often the only thing that people see.

It’s all but impossible to believe the headline wasn’t intentionally misleading.

You can’t pull this stuff and expect not to get called out for it.


Well, mission accomplished, then.