Joe Biden entered the White House as a complete mess, so, at the very least, it was incumbent upon the people who purport to care about him to ensure that he surrounds himself by competent, capable cabinet members who can steer him in the right direction and work as a counterbalance to his nonexistent grasp on, well, everything.

Unfortunately, Biden’s handlers really dropped the ball and let him name “experts” who seem almost as confused about things as he his. “Experts” like Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who has evidently forgotten what year it is:

Watch Blinken on the most recent edition of “Face the Nation”:


This is not a good look.

At the very least, one would hope that America’s highest-level diplomat would know who the president of Afghanistan is, especially considering what’s happening there right now, and considering the fact that Joe Biden is ultimately responsible for what’s happening there right now.

Bad things seem to happen whenever the Biden administration is involved.