Over in Afghanistan, the Taliban may be chanting “Death to America,” but at least they seem pretty friendly while they’re doing it. At least according to CNN’s Clarissa Ward.

What a comfort it must be to Clarissa Ward to know that she may be spared as as long as she promises to behave herself.

Clarissa Ward needs to know her place. It looks like she does:

The juxtaposition of those two images is definitely striking. And not in a good way.

Unfortunately yes.

Jokes aside, this really is heartbreaking and infuriating to see. Afghanistan literally changed overnight. The terrorists are back in charge. Innocent people are dying.

Nowhere to be found.

We mean this sincerely: Godspeed to Clarissa Ward. She’s risking her life to cover something that shouldn’t be happening.

And Godspeed to the people of Afghanistan. They deserve far better than the fate they’ve been given.