While we were busy celebrating New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s resignation — despite the fact that it should’ve happened much, much sooner — there was something important that we failed to consider.

Fortunately for us, Alec Baldwin was there to pick up our slack:

Gee, we never thought of it that way. Probably because it’s so monumentally asinine.


Andrew Cuomo’s serial sexual impropriety isn’t a shortcoming; it’s a pathology. And his handling of the COVID19 crisis in New York was a literal fatal flaw. People died as a direct result of his actions.

Alec Baldwin wants us to see Cuomo as a tragic figure? No thanks.

There’s still time, Alec.

This shouldn’t be difficult.

In fairness to Alec Baldwin, though, we suppose that given his own long history of being a garbage person, it makes sense that he’d want us to have a little sympathy for other garbage people.

Sorry, Alec. You can go to hell with Andrew Cuomo.