Earlier this week, we told you about Frontier Airlines passenger Maxwell Berry getting duct-taped to his seat by a flight attendant after Berry got physical.

Now, we were already fans of the flight attendant for that, because he gave Berry what he deserved. But now that we’ve actually heard directly from Alfredo Rivera about what happened, we’re even more impressed:

A very, very strong contender.

It’s amazing.

It is the best video. We don’t even care that it’s not authentic! The awesomeness is real.

Yeah, that’s right. “Alfredo Rivera” was not the Frontier flight attendant who subdued Maxwell Berry. He’s not even a flight attendant. What he is, though, is hilarious.

He’s got a YouTube channel and everything.

He should keep doing it. He’s got a real talent for this stuff.

Maybe Frontier or some other airline could make him an honorary flight attendant or something. We’d be down with that.

Same, man. Same.

Or at the very least:

Yes, please!