It used to be that the COVID19 vaccines were our tickets out of having our lives on hold. Now, they’re the reason we have to keep our lives on hold.

And what’s especially amazing about that is that the people who claim to know better than us rubes have been backtracking and contradicting themselves while insisting that they’ve been completely intellectually consistent.

People like MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, who offered up this incredible analogy for the situation we currently find ourselves in:

What Chris is telling us is that he’s a smug twerp who hates science. So is AOC, for that matter:

But back to Chris.

We’d expect nothing less than terrible from him.

Chris Hayes thinks you’re the ones not following the science. Time to disabuse him of that notion.

Chris’ analogy makes it sound like he’s still recovering from a head-on collision.

To Chris Hayes, “following the science” is “making up the science as we go along.”

Can never be too careful!

A piece of parting advice for Chris: