House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy, like many Americans, is understandably fed up with the CDC and Biden administration’s COVID19 shenanigans:

Now, it’s one thing for a washed-up hack like Dan Rather to take umbrage with McCarthy’s frustration. We expect that sort of thing from media firefighters.

But members of Congress are supposed to be above petty beefs. Especially when those members of Congress are ostensibly the torchbearers of political decorum.

So for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to stoop to this is a pretty terrible look not just for her, but for congressional Democrats:


Surely the Speaker of the House knows better than to stoop to such a level, Nancy Pelosi.

Oh, without a doubt. But Nancy Pelosi can engage in the very behaviors that she bristles at and accuses Republicans of, and her fans will love her for it.

Their Queen is a pretender to the throne.