Progressive Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna has apparently been spending a lot of time with Bill Kristol these days.

And he’s learning a lot!

Unfortunately for Rep. Khanna, one thing he hasn’t learned is how to avoid getting ratio’d:

Those numbers are really cookin’! And we’d expect nothing less, for obvious reasons.

Quite a few people have been lining up to take a turn.



Oh, Ro. Bless your heart for trying to make Bill Kristol happen!

It can indeed be very helpful to engage with people whose political philosophy might differ from yours. But there’s always a reason not to prop up Bill Kristol, whether it’s over the Iraq War or simply because Donald Trump broke Bill Kristol’s brain.

If we may offer Ro Khanna a piece of friendly advice, may we suggest not hitching your wagon to Bill Kristol? For any reason.