Evalaurene Jean-Charles is a teacher as well as the founder of Black on Black Education.

“Black on Black Education” is ostensibly about working with black educators and giving them the tools to make black students successful. And evidently the best tool in those educators’ toolbox is Critical Race Theory.

@MythinformedMKE, who closely monitors toxic “anti-racism,” recently posted footage of a March 2021 roundtable discussion hosted by Jean-Charles. And let’s just say it doesn’t inspire confidence in New York’s education system:

Feel free to watch the full discussion all about “white dominant culture”:

Plenty of insanity there. But honestly, just the clip is enough to make you want to throw things and slam your head against the wall.

Seriously. Women apologizing is a result of white dominant culture?

These people need to get their heads examined.


Haven’t you heard? Expecting an explanation is itself racist.

And these are the same people who think they know better than you what’s best for your kids.



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