On June 10th, April Powers, chief equity and inclusion officer for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), issued a statement condemning antisemitism:

In a sane world, there’d be nothing controversial about that statement.

But our world is not a sane world, is it?

On June 27, SCBWI co-founder and executive director Lin Oliver issued another statement:

April Powers, who is black and Jewish, lost her job and was forced to apologize for speaking out against antisemitism. That’s literally all she did. She didn’t mention Israel or Palestine or the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She didn’t get political. She merely drew attention to the worsening scourge of antisemitism and the importance of fighting it.

And was punished and humiliated for it.

Failing to discuss the plight of Palestinians in a statement that isn’t about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is apparently “Islamophobia” now. As is blocking a Twitter user who tweets disgusting anti-Israel and antisemitic filth at you.

Razan Abdin-Adnani was singled out for an apology by Lin Oliver. We fail to see why anyone would bend over for someone like this:

And for SCBWI’s troubles, here’s what they got from Abdin-Adnani:

Was it worth it, Lin Oliver and SCBWI? Throwing April Powers under the bus only for an antisemitic troll to double down?

How pathetic.

How utterly pathetic.