Tennessee GOP Senator Marsha Blackburn recently posted a short message pointing out that Critical Race Theory is actually a pretty racist approach to life:

Given what Critical Race Theory proponents themselves have said about Critical Race Theory, we’re not really sure what’s wrong with anything Blackburn said in either her tweet or the video.

But then, we’re not as smart as Vox’s Aaron Rupar:

Credit to Aaron for not deceptively editing a video for a change. But that’s really the only thing he did right in this case. Because, as usual, he’s misrepresenting Blackburn’s remarks. He’s accusing her of “just making stuff up to get mad about now,” even though Blackburn did no such thing.

To be fair, Aaron Rupar is very familiar with people who make stuff up. Because, well, he’s Aaron Rupar, a hack who literally gets paid to make stuff up.