The White House couldn’t wait to share America’s “Progress On Unemployment Under The Biden-Harris Administration”:

Now, many Americans may not feel like we’re making much progress economically speaking, but White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is here to disabuse them of their stupid notions:

“Facts are facts.” They certainly are.

And the real facts fly in the face of the Biden administration’s narrative.

This is a lot like that time Jen Psaki told Americans that gas is cheaper “in real terms” than it used to be, despite the fact that Americans are paying a lot more for gas in real terms.

Apparently to Jen Psaki, “real terms” means “leaving out a lot of relevant information.”

To be fair, the White House is counting on all of us to be stupid.

It’s a clever little trick, we must admit:

Just look at all that economic growth!

*New unemployment filings through June 12.

And this White House will not be displaying any data in an objective, unbiased manner in the near or distant future.

We imagine they’re still swooning.