Earlier, we told you about reporters scrambling to land an exclusive interview with the person vacuuming the red carpet ahead of the Joe Biden-Vladimir Putin summit in Geneva.

Little did we know just how desperate the media actually are. Politico White House Anita Kumar’s account is really something:

They do appear amused here:

Here’s video of their amusement:

Surprised no one gave Biden and Putin popcorn to munch on.

It’s always interesting to see just how far the media are willing to go to debase themselves.

Until there’s better video of the reporters, we’ll just have to content ourselves with photos like this:

Look at all those firefighters.

Speaking of Stephanie Grisham:

Anyway, this stuff couldn’t be happening to a nicer bunch of people.

While we can certainly see why someone would be amused by the sight of journalists physically fighting with each other for access, it’s also worth noting that Joe Biden’s amusement at Russian security personnel yelling at and pushing American journalists does seem a bit unsettling.

It does seem odd, particularly from a guy who repeatedly accused his predecessor of being too tough on the media and too soft on Russia.

So it goes.

Silver lining:

Thank goodness for that.