June is Pride Month, and that’s fine. But is it too much to ask to leave little kids out of the festivities?

Looking at you, Nickelodeon:

@nickelodeonHappy Pride! Remember to always be true to you and kind to everyone around you 🏳️‍🌈 ##PerfectAsWeAre ##prideanthems ##foryourpride ##todayislove♬ original sound – Nickelodeon

Now, to be fair, that’s on Nickelodeon’s TikTok account, and young kids probably shouldn’t be using TikTok. So maybe far fewer kids are seeing it than would see it if it were actually being broadcast on Nickelodeon’s TV platform.

Drag queens can be very entertaining, but they’re meant to be entertaining for an adult audience. And many of the kids in Nickelodeon’s core demographic are too young to understand issues like transgenderism. The fact that Nickelodeon, a network geared specifically toward children, is promoting this seems genuinely problematic.

Calls to cancel Nickelodeon over this may be a bit extreme, but it seems perfectly fair to point out that adults are — we hope — perfectly capable of celebrating Pride Month without getting kids involved.

Children shouldn’t have to be concerned about the symbolism of each color on the Pride flag. Just let them have their Spongebob.